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Upgrading your home's air conditioning and cooling system could lead to energy savings. Replacing an old system with a new, energy-efficient model can reduce energy, resulting in lower monthly bills. Stay cool this summer with BC rebates today when you update your home's cooling system.

Monthly Savings

$12,000 in Rebates

Energy Efficient

American Standard - Mini Split

Mini Split Heat Pump

A ductless mini split heat pump system that uses multiple, small indoor units connected to one outdoor unit to provide individualized cooling to separate rooms or areas.

Central Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners are also more cost-effective in the long run, as they last longer and require less maintenance than other cooling systems.

Heat Pump - 1

Central Heat Pump

Heat pumps transfer heat from inside a building to the outside and are more efficient than traditional air conditioners, as they don’t require as much energy to operate.

Book a New Air Conditioning Estimate

Are you looking to install or replace a new air conditioning system, heat pump system with rebates, heating system, plumbing system, HVAC system, or planning a new home development/renovation? Please fill out this form as best you can, starting with the time and day you would like a tech to arrive to give you the most accurate estimation of cost and timeline.

Book an Air Conditioning Service Call

Are you looking to have any brand of air conditioning system, heating system, plumbing system, or HVAC system serviced, maintained, or repaired? Please fill out this form to book a time and day that suits you best! We will work around your schedule.


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Air Conditioning Repair Services in Vancouver

We understand how vital air conditioning is for a comfortable home. Our team of experienced professionals offers top-notch AC repair services to get your system up and running in no time.

Ignoring small AC issues can lead to more extensive and costly repairs later on. We advise homeowners to get regular AC maintenance check-ups and repairs.

If you live in Vancouver, BC or its surrounding areas and need AC repair services, contact us today!

Professional Air Conditioning Service

"Matt and his team were awesome!! Had a new furnace and air conditioner installed. Matt was very knowledgeable in helping me figure out which unit works best for me and my budget and they were very respectful and professional. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

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New Air Conditioning Installation Process

We will thoroughly assess the home to determine the size and type of equipment that is best suited for the space. We then install the unit, connect the ductwork, and connect the system to the home's electrical system. Finally, we insulate the ductwork, program the thermostat, and test the system to ensure it is operating correctly.